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Ken Rowe

Visual Artist /
UX / UI Designer

I combine UX principals with 15 years of experience as a visual artist to create beautiful, data-driven experiences

Ken Rowe

UX / UI Designer

I combine UX principals with a decade of experience as a cross discipline artist to create beautiful, data driven experiences

Ken Rowe

UX / UI Designer

I combine UX principals with a decade of experience as a cross discipline artist to create beautiful, data driven experiences

Interdisciplinary Artistry


UX / UI Design

- Through a combination of experience, insight and an understanding of the iterative design process, I am able to conduct user research, analyze the results and deftly translate those results into a visual delight.
This is the first User Interface I experimented withoutside of a simple website. The "Velvet Dashboard" concept as I called it was designed to be both beautiful and functional.
Case Studies
Case Studies


- As a result of our shared isolation in 2020 I found myself unable to create new work. So I spent my time editing past photography, styling my images and experimenting with motion and music.
In this example, I begin to tell the story of a character granted the ability to exist in any place or time, but at great personal cost.

3D Visualization

I have been using 3D visualization with some of my more complicated projects for years, in addition to rendering interior spaces for private clients.
This is a near-perfect reproduction of 'Nova', a jewelry piece I had developed years earlier. I was able to reproduce  it so accurately because I had kept the original sketches and templates for the piece.

Fine Art

- I owned and operated a sculpting and design studio for 10 years. Primarily working with steel, bronze and wood I created sculptures that were featured in Art Basel Miami and have been on display internationally.
'Nautilus' is one of my earlier sculptures. Like much of my work it was inspired by the science fiction and anime films I grew up watching.


- Photography has been a necessary tool in showcasing my work since the beginning. In recent years I have focused more in this area for event photography and purely creative endeavors.
Much of my photography has been experimental in an effort to find its place in my catalog of creative styles. My most recent work has been moving towards creating short stories through cinemgraphic manipulation of these images.

Set Design

- 15 years of experience designing, building and installing a variety of artwork and furniture granted me the ability to create film sets quickly while adhering to the directors vision.
In 'Lex' I created the haunting environment of a violent, potentially mentally ill man, through the use of simple and inexpensive materials.

Furniture Design

- While operating my studio I often partnered with interior designers to design and build custom items. Following the success of those projects I built a line of furniture called the "Blackthorn Collection", which featured my signature forged steel tree branch style.
This coffee table remains one of my favorite elements of the Blackthorn Collection. Many of my designs were labor intensive and complicated, whereas this piece was very minimal and beautifully well balanced in execution.

UX Design Case Studies


Lead Interaction Designer

Designing for Millennials and beyond

I lead the interaction design for the early Tatwoo website concept



UX Designer / Lead Visual Designer

Teaching educators to communicate

I built a proof-of-concept mobile app designed to help special and general educators share vital information


UX / UI Designer |  Digital Designer

Sculptor |  Photographer  |  Fine Artist

Based in New York
+1 212 335-0107