Synthetic User Monitoring

xSUM (Synthetic User Monitoring) is designed to monitor performance for applications and services available on the internet from anywhere around the world.

I developed the interface through competitive analysis and remote collaboration with the engineering team.

Role: User Interface Designer / Visual Designer
Company: xOps
Type: Web Application
Project Length: 6 Months
Methodology: Agile
Tools: Adobe XD, Photoshop, Sketch, Jira

Created in Adobe XD & Photoshop

UI Audit

I evaluated 3 of the top competitors to identify existing design patterns and look for opportunities to simplify the complex data entry and visualization systems.


  • Interface feels dated
  • Data points are visually complex
  • Non-critical information (full urls etc.)
    obscure/distract from critical info
  • The hierarchical pictogram explains
    configuration effectively


  • Too many rounded corners
    and button-like images
  • Interface feels dated
  • Load time by country feature
    is visually appealing


  • Color pallet, presentation and fonts are
    best of the 3 competitors
  • UI is friendly but tends to over-explain,
    a frequent user may want to turn these off
  • Introductory / Tutorial video is excellent

Early UI Concepts

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Dashboard Elements


I designed the dashboard to create, edit and view tests while reducing load times and visual fatigue. As the available functions increased past the minimum viable product phase, the system would become more complex; I was able to demonstrate the scalability of this interface through a clickable prototype built with Adobe XD.

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